Make the world a better place for all of us!

Provide Scholarships
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You can fund scholarships under your name or someone who you admire. You can also choose the scholarship receivers. You will not be provided with the applicants private information but you can have their study purpose and motivation. Afterward, you can also monitor the study process.

Help Events
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You can donate to events so that the event hosts can provide cheaper or even free support to all the students in their areas. We will notify you with a list of activities in areas of your interest for donation.

Get your hands dirty
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We are in need of the technical support. If you have a hand in web developing, design, e-learning or any other related topics and interested to work with us please send us an email and describe your self, area of your expertise, and under which circumstances you like to work with us.

Help us Maintain
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We are highly motivated to provide our users with the best available web tech and security, however, since Origo Land is a free platform, maintaining cost may stop us achieving our wish. You can help us here to achieve better performance.